Monday, April 30, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I haven't been here in awhile and Blogspot had changed its look and it took me awhile to find the 'New Post' link. I've still been busy with work. I believe I have grown in terms of experience, considering I wasn't so well versed in InDesign, but because I had been working on some pages for a magazine and have been handling a 20pp booklet on my own. Well, Yay me.

I think I've said it before but maybe not on here, but I've taken more pictures with my iphone than I have with my DSLR in awhile. I've shot more than 20 thousand photos with my iPhone and it has only been a year. I believe I fully utilise my iphone more than some people do. I only have one folder of games which I hardly play except for that one time when I first got a hold of Draw Something. I have two folders dedicated to photography apps. On a daily basis though, it's Instagram, PS Express (photoshop express), Squaready( to crop my images nicely) and PicFrame (which I use mainly to document my daily outfits with the hashtag #todayscolors).

Early this month, I started an iPhone photoblog with Djohan called 7by7. We each take and upload 7 photos a day, all taken, edited and resized using the iPhone, 7 days a week. We hosted it on Wordpress, mainly cos they have an app and it makes uploading a breeze. We would have picked Tumblr had it not been that someone had already taken the 7by7 name. I should say that this has been more motivating than ever to put some effort into shooting daily. I feel like a tourist most times, cos when I'm out, I stop alot. It's like seeing with new eyes and my friends, even at work have gotten used to it.

Well, I'm down with a cold and cough and the meds have kicked in, so with that I bid adieu. Thanks for reading.