Monday, August 23, 2010

Quote poster beginnings.

The job hunt is still on and I've been keeping myself occupied. My sleeping hours are terrible but I guess I should take advantage of that now while I'm between jobs. Been doing alot of these drawings lately and still continuing to do so cos it is really therapeutic.

*Photos by Djohan

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Valentine embroidery.

February 2010
"You and me and off beat dancing."

Archive - Aloha

@ Baybeats

Archive - Dream theatre

Dream Theatre

Archive - Slipknot.


Archive - I am David Sparkle

I am David Sparkle
Taken with Sony Dsc-75

Lino cut hearts.

Lino cut

Lino print on canvas

Archive - chicosi


Kitty plush blush.

September 2009
Natalia Kitty (made for my god daughter)
Felt : sewn by hand
(Pattern by Aranzi Aranzo)

A is for Alphabet.

May/June 2009
A Plush (made for a friend's one year old daughter)
Felt : sewn by hand

20 doll project.

April-May 2009
Fatimah x 20pcs (Ugly dolls not included.)
Felt and cotton : sewn by hand
Created for Fatima and Her Magic Socks Book by by Zizi Azah Abdul Majid

50 doll project.

July-August 2009
Qiqi dolls x 50pcs
Felt : sewn by hand
Created for Monster Little

Valentine panda.

February 2009
Valentine bear


Feb 2009
Owl pouch (made for a friend)
Felt and cotton fabric.

The Posies

Monday, August 2, 2010

Etsy store.

I've been really productive as of late and it feels really good.

- I set up a new blog and uploaded most of the bookbinders items as mentioned on my previous entry and sent out emails to spread the word.
- I got myself a dot org, as you can see from the above url. Unfortunately, it only works with the www in the front. Who the hell uses "www" nowadays?? I guess I will. :(
- Designed new name cards for myself with the new url.

- I set up an Etsy account with my friend, Marni, to sell vintage or handmade goods.

I have more plans in the process and I'm feeling great despite the flu. :)