Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A year in pictures.

from left to right:
row1- you can't really tell but..its a goldie show(jan) | meeting kim saigh @ sg tattoo convention(jan) | meeting hayley and paramore(feb) | djohan grows his hair long(mar) | sham became a father(mar) | my dad went for op to remove cancerous cells found in his colon(mar), he has since recovered :) | weekend cycling begins(mar).

row2 - storm lion is awesome(april) | pixar show(apr) | started the veg and salad diet(apr) | i am david sparkle starts recording their 2nd album(apr) | mingjie + francesca tie the knot(may) | imran also ties the knot(may) | marni decides to run away to sweden for 3 mths but comes back after 1(may)

row3- rollopollesley wedding(may) | start lettering blacklight:tango down comic(may) which launched in july | becky visits(jun) | grace + ben tie the knot(jun) | storm lion turbulence art book hits the stands(jun) | decides to write my own comic(touch&go was a working title) but doesnt fully start(jul) | bad case of hives for a whole week(jul)

row4- djohan got the chicken pox and shaved his head(jul) | stormlion shuts down and we are all unemployed(jul) | tuesdays with mumu store is born(jul) | errol and giulliano shave their head for charity(aug) | kult's The Shining exhibition where i would somehow meet my future colleagues(aug) | i cut my bangs after growing it out for 1.5 yrs(aug) | hoimuns farewell dinner(aug)

row5- nicole turns 25(aug) | kult x nixon art mosh(sep) | djohan helps shoot my artwork for my portfolio(sep) | new job at kult(sep) | i dress the part for hari raya(sep) | wasya visits and my october is awesome | kirah+luay tie the knot(oct)

row6- the flaming lips show(nov) | huda turns 25 on the kingdom yatch(nov) | i turn 31 in a colorful picnic(nov) | bali holiday(dec) | shidah turns 31 n hira turns 25 on her short visit back(dec) | i am david sparkle in malaysia(dec) | aqilah turns 25(dec)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tote bus.

Embellished a tote bag for a friend while on the 6 hour bus ride to Kuala Lumpur. It sure was bumpy but luckily, didnt get pricked by my needle.

Penang #5 - walls.

Taken with Nikon D40.

Penang #4 - hues.

Penang #3

I love Penang, for its old buildings, dirty walls, rust, mould, colors and quiet roads. It's like stepping into Singapore in the 80s. I figure this'd be how Singapore would look like had they not torn down the old buildings to make way for urbanisation.

I am David Sparkle in Penang.

Shot in the Cathay Hotel, Penang.

Penang #2

Penang #1

We had been on the road for about 5 hours, arriving in the afternoon in Georgetown, Penang. We were ecstatic to find out we'd be staying in really old but charming hotel. Turns out The Cathay Hotel is about a hundred years old and it is well kept and run by some elderly people, I should say. What I loved most about it was that it had character. Old mosaic tiled floors which you rarely find in modern homes these days were everywhere in this hotel. Sadly, I was pretty spooked that I forgot to snap pictures of the tiles in the bedroom and bathroom. There were no "visitors" that night, but one's imagination can go abit wild when you've been hearing ghost stories during the trip.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Jersey girls.

Made more jersey scarves that I gave to 2 of my girlfriends (Shidah and Hira) on their birthdays which happened to be back to back in December. They always tell me to just start selling all these things I make. Someday I will.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

At the building where the band was playing, there were all these painted-by-artists cable spools, which I think is an awesome way of recycling those things and I love giant cable spools. The wonders of the many furnitures one can make with it. But anyhoo, this was by far the best one ever!! With a big rusty needle and rope thread. :D


I am David Sparkle in Malaysia

After being back in Singapore for 2 days after we arrived from Bali, I went with the band up to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This time bringing a 16-35mm lens with me which made alot of difference compared to the 24-70mm I had previously. I like to travel light really, so I didn't bring an external flash with me (a mistake but I made do.)

Bali post.

Went to Bali to join I am David Sparkle on the last leg of their Indonesia Tour. Had tons of fun, ate quite abit and walked til I had blisters (note to self: do not wear new flipflops on holiday.) Got to sightsee abit but not as much as I'd have liked, so I will definitely go back there again.

Photo above is of Mount Batur. It was a lucky day, it was really dark and rained heavily on our 2 hour drive up, but was clear with crisp air at the top where we had a buffet lunch. It was lovely.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I am David Sparkle's sold out show.

I am David Sparkle played a sold out show last friday at the esplanade and released their new album Swords are drawn. If you haven't heard them yet, here's a sampling.

and you can buy their album here.

31 and versus the world.

I recently turned 31 and my girlfriends planned a nice picnic for me at the Marina Barrage, the day was exceptionally sunny for a week that rained everyday. :)
I was happy to be wearing a dress that was older than I was, it was my mother's before she had any kids.

Tuesdays with mumu.

Quote poster numero dont know.

A recent print I made for my friend, Huda for her birthday in early November. We had her party in a catamaran so aptly named Kingdom.

The birthday girl.

Flaming lips

One of those last minute things, Errol from KittyWu Records called and asked if I wanted to help with the merch at the Flaming Lips concert. I had nothing to do so I went along despite having the bouts of the flu and we sold tons of tshirts til they sold out and even Errol and Kristal's collaboration limited edition print (of 100) pretty much sold like hotcakes at the show.