Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Instagram giveaway.

I've always been in the habit of making things for friends, ever since I was a little girl, which was what got me back into crafting in the first place. Few months back, I created a giveaway for my non-singapore living followers on instagram. I made these paper garlands and added pompoms and had them packaged in mailing tubes which I had to order online cos they didn't have short tubes anywhere in Singapore, unless you cut them yourself.

The Panel Project

I like walking through the aisles of Art Friend. Usually, I am always there for something specific to buy, but I'd always get distracted with the endless possibilities of other things. I try to experiment with different mediums, I try to express my certain styles with different executions. I believe those two lines are pretty much the same thing. But moving on...

I have been working on my stencil project for awhile now. Using papercut stencils of texts and holding them up to immediate surroundings as a backdrop to evoke some kind of meaning into sometimes otherwise surroundings that we tend to naturally take for granted. Cut by hand, and then shot with a camera.  So anyway... it has now ventured into something else. I hadn't strayed far, but whilst stencils reveal whats behind the void, It is now the Panel Project that becomes a part of the surroundings, somewhat. Using glass paint on acrylic. I didn't use glass as I will be traveling with these and would be too fragile if it were.

These are tryouts that I posted on Instagram. Still much to prep for the Hanoi trip. Its two days away and I'm getting very excited.

Ink job.

Two weeks ago, I was commissioned to do a text tattoo design of the phrase Les Lieux de Memoire which translated means Between memory and history. And she wanted a specific calligraphic style and I did a first and then she specified that she wanted it to go with a tattoo of a quill that she already had, and so I changed the form which is shown below.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

From the sketchbook.

I have a Hanoi trip coming up, I don't know what compelled me to pick Vietnam when initially I wanted to go to Phnom Penh. I am looking forward to purely explore and shoot and thought that I should revive my stencil project once again since I've been unintentionally neglecting it for awhile. So here are a some intended stencils.

From the sketchbook

It's always hard to resist buying sketchbooks or notebooks. Especially when it comes with smooth paper. Moleskine books are always great but they are pricey. And especially those big ones. So i got an alternative by Daler Rowney. I had intentions of buying an A5 sized notebook, but figured I needed more space, so I got it in A4 to devote more time to working on my hand lettering.

These were the first in my new sketchbook.