Sunday, May 13, 2012

stencil project. May 4-6 2012 in KL.

It was one of those ideas that kinda pop in your head. I'd been working with text and typo for awhile now and while there are possibly many different ways to execute it, it didn't really take off until I thought about this one. With the help of a colleague's plotting machine, I was able to have these cut out in the quickest time when I didn't have the luxury of free time and plus I had been sick twice within in a short period of time. 

KL was always that quick "get away" place. A place that was foreign yet familiar to me. It was a great 3 days away, mostly knowing that all my work back home was complete and I had nothing else to worry about and so it truly was a holiday.

The work below served as a the backdrop to the previous stencil photo. 

We got ourselves markers and spray paints and while I intended them for canvas, I couldn't help but try it out and discover what "tagging" felt like. I felt silly. Maybe, it would've been better had I been tagging my old name, quietcore.