Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sew a Song

 (image from Sew A Song)

Eversince I discovered Etsy about five years ago, I have added tons and tons of things to my favorites list in hopes of one day purchasing them. And apart from clothes, shoes and supplies, there are a ton of accessories in there. I tend to go in phases with accessories. I wear my owl ring almost all the time, and the last time before this year that I wore necklaces or bracelets religiously was way back in art school(more than 10 years ago). Considering, I've always been accustomed to wearing plain colored clothes, I figured I'd add these little details. And so, on a whim, I purchased the necklace handmade by Eva Duenas of Sew A Song on etsy. Its just so wonderful to look at. 

And it was wrapped so nicely that I now understand the feeling of not wanting to open a package cos I'm afraid to somewhat "destroy" something that someone has put such careful thought into. But of course, I did. :)

Below are some of the other necklaces she has to offer.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My First Record.

What is it about the band Toe, that I wish their already long songs could go on forever? I bought my first record ever today and it was Toe - The future is now EP. I don't have a record player, but that wasn't gonna stop me. Toe is just simply amazing.

Anyway, I got the record from Hail Satan Records, which is a distro started by some friends. 

Haven't been up to much. In between work and life, there's a whole bunch of romcoms, candy crush and figuring out new projects to work on. I've been so out of the whole hand lettering thing and by that, I mean venturing out of my usual style. I have a strong penchance for my own handwriting, but I guess it is what flows easy. I need to experiment more. I know I can do more. It's that constant struggle to create something new or to bastardize what already exists which in turn becomes your own, that is the hardest. No. The hardest part is always the start. Or getting to that starting point. Sometimes, we tend to always wait to be inspired. But what I've learnt is that sometimes, it is in the constant "doing" that gives birth to inspiration and to more ideas. Below are just doodles I did to get a certain "anxiety" out of my system.

It was flu season, and I caught the bug and was out of it for about 4 days and I slept a lot from Actifed and had lucid dreams and certain dream about shapes and then sad dreams about having a cat and waking up to no cat. :(
A line off of Yet Again by Grizzly Bear, who I will get to see this weekend. First concert for the year for me! I skipped out on alot of good bands so far this year but I really, really, really like Grizzly Bear.