Friday, October 26, 2012

Handscreened finals.

I finally got around to silk screening with the screen I made a couple of weeks ago. It was all trial and error. I was still insistent on using Marabu Textil ink and that didnt work out after 2 bags. You would think I would have stopped after the first bag. It was just too watery to work with so it seeped. I really like the colors really and that in itself played a part in my stubborness. So i switched to silkscreen ink. And I did the mixing of primary colors just so I could achieve the colors of the Marabu ones.

But anyway, out of six bags, two came out perfect. One of which is already up on Etsy. I'll have more bags to make once I get the fabrics done and more colors mixed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Portraits at Walls & Weiners.

 Trisha + Samantha.

Samantha and Huda

In September, I hung out with my friends, Sam and Huda. The night was young and the music at the coffeeshop we were at, was too loud, so we went on an impromptu shoot in an old neighborhood. I shot these with Sam's Olympus OM-D.

Walls & Wieners and hidden texts.

Last weekend, I made my first wall attempt at the Walls & Wieners event held at The Substation organised by RSCLS.

I had always wanted to try my hand at bigger scale versions of my typo ever since I bought my very first cans (x2) of Montana paint on a whim on my last KL trip. I, however, didn't use them on Sunday cos I thought I'd probably waste it. Then I thought I'd use wall paint and do hidden text, but I woke up on Sunday and it was raining dinosaurs, so I got myself some jumbo markers instead and thought I'd just wing it.


hidden text (elitist)
The back wall.

I was too shy for the back wall, so I took a wee space in the alley. Did a hidden text piece. Limpeh (meaning "your father"), cos SKL0 had stuck her sticker on the pipe, and like I said, I was winging it and it was the first word to pop in my head. Oh, yeah and I had pink and purple markers with me too so  I drew a little on the door but I, later thrashed it cos I didn't like it too much. So, well, I hope to upgrade myself to aerosols and wall paint soon if another opportunity comes up.

Can you believe it's already mid October??

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More of The Reveal

Just happened to start simple text in colors using acrylic markers. This stemmed or still could be part of The Reveal series, just trying thing out.