Monday, July 25, 2011

Fight the good fight.

Worked on this A2 piece over the weekend. Its one of four drawings that I was commissioned to do for a lady from NYC. Pretty pleased with how it turned out. Although I really should get a drawing table, cos working in bed is bad for my already problematic back.

I have been invited to be a part of two group exhibitions coming up. It'll be my first in a really long while that isn't photography related.
Good things are happening and I feel blessed. And I'm getting more and more inspired by the things around me.

Pardon the grainy photo, I've been shooting alot with my iphone these days cos of its convenience and pocket fit.

Have a good week ahead, folks. Check back soon. I promise more updates. :)

Monday, July 11, 2011


Went on a short trip to Malaysia. Headed up to Kuala Lumpur to hang with my buddy, Hoimun. We drove to Malacca as I had never been before. I was hoping it would be like Penang with its old buildings and charm. I was disappointed to say the least.
Maybe because it was infested and congested with tourists.
Maybe because it was a tourist spot that the old buildings didn't look aged cos they were repainted possibly just months ago.
Or maybe, I just had high expectations.
But honestly, It just didn't have a charm. It felt like walking through Singapore's Chinatown which for some reason, now that I think of it, Singapore's Chinatown still wins 'cos it keeps its authenticity despite having shops targetted at tourists.

However, the trip was not in vain. I managed to put up some stickers, take some pictures, stumbled upon ghetto-ey streets and it was funny getting lost. More photos will be up soon.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sticker project

I've been bitten by the creative bug that lately I've had an insane urge to create. The itch had to be scratched. And I decided to do a personal sticker project. Using lines of encouragement or confessions, whichever I felt could relate to me in a way cos I take pride in being "personal". I made enough stickers to start my very own sticker party(not!), and went on to spread these words around. I am still in the process of making more. I've been thinking of a new series of posters as well and I just might have them painted on canvas as I still have plenty untouched from my last purchase from a closing down sale. I like this creative streak and I hope it lasts longer.

Til the next update...

Don't you just hate when no-show socks keep rolling down your feet when you walk.

"I think no show socks are pointless especially when they don't show up."


*Photos taken with my iphone4.