Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sew far sew good

Worked on this a couple of weeks ago. I love the colors and am glad it worked out fine, even though the corduroy fabric letters were fraying. I had Fray Stoppa but I know it would leave a stain on the edges had I used it. I'll be doing a couple more and have them photographed and then sold in my Etsy store
An order has already come in though, so off Etsy store orders are welcome too.
 Am currently in the middle of sewing the piece below. 

Artmire - Julia Chang

"brooklyn based artist julia chiang uses a wide variety of materials in her sculpture and installation based work, including nostalgic and sweet ring pops. the colourfoul candy has been used by chiang in a number of works often employed as pixels spelling out words. the candy jewels atop the rings melts over time under gallery lights and slowly drips down the walls. the melted sugar stains the surfaces it touches. one of chiang's largest ring pop installation was presented at this year's art basel miami in the group show 'it ain't fair' at ohwow gallery and can be seen in these photos."
- images and text from design boom.

Monday, June 11, 2012

World Class Substandard for RCGNTN Products.

Designed a t-shirt for RCGNTN for their own range of artist series t-shirts. They will be sold at the Hypethetic store, soon for $39.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Good as gold.

Experimented with the gilding method using gold leaf. It isnt easy and a little messy, I might add. But however, it is fun. Just that I'd have to remember to have the fan off when doing so cos gold flakes would start flying over the place.