Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A year in pictures.

from left to right:
row1- you can't really tell but..its a goldie show(jan) | meeting kim saigh @ sg tattoo convention(jan) | meeting hayley and paramore(feb) | djohan grows his hair long(mar) | sham became a father(mar) | my dad went for op to remove cancerous cells found in his colon(mar), he has since recovered :) | weekend cycling begins(mar).

row2 - storm lion is awesome(april) | pixar show(apr) | started the veg and salad diet(apr) | i am david sparkle starts recording their 2nd album(apr) | mingjie + francesca tie the knot(may) | imran also ties the knot(may) | marni decides to run away to sweden for 3 mths but comes back after 1(may)

row3- rollopollesley wedding(may) | start lettering blacklight:tango down comic(may) which launched in july | becky visits(jun) | grace + ben tie the knot(jun) | storm lion turbulence art book hits the stands(jun) | decides to write my own comic(touch&go was a working title) but doesnt fully start(jul) | bad case of hives for a whole week(jul)

row4- djohan got the chicken pox and shaved his head(jul) | stormlion shuts down and we are all unemployed(jul) | tuesdays with mumu store is born(jul) | errol and giulliano shave their head for charity(aug) | kult's The Shining exhibition where i would somehow meet my future colleagues(aug) | i cut my bangs after growing it out for 1.5 yrs(aug) | hoimuns farewell dinner(aug)

row5- nicole turns 25(aug) | kult x nixon art mosh(sep) | djohan helps shoot my artwork for my portfolio(sep) | new job at kult(sep) | i dress the part for hari raya(sep) | wasya visits and my october is awesome | kirah+luay tie the knot(oct)

row6- the flaming lips show(nov) | huda turns 25 on the kingdom yatch(nov) | i turn 31 in a colorful picnic(nov) | bali holiday(dec) | shidah turns 31 n hira turns 25 on her short visit back(dec) | i am david sparkle in malaysia(dec) | aqilah turns 25(dec)

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