Thursday, August 18, 2011

Work in progress

Pardon the lack of a better photo, but I couldn't find my card reader, so I snapped this instead with my iphone. This is a work in progress for a show I'm invited to be a part of which will happen in Mid Sept. I'm pretty excited as it will be the first show I will take part in as an artist and not a photographer. I'm a late bloomer, considering I graduated from NAFA ten years ago. It's amazing to recall my journey here, for the changes of interests over the years and then realising that, "Hey you know what, I like this. I love doing this. I love creating and making stuff."

The above piece is made up of strips of book cover fabric, which was used for an in-store display from when I worked at Bookbinders. They were gonna dispose of it, but being the hoarder that I am, I kept it, amongst other wonderful treasure trash. :)

I wrote a short poem and an excerpt of it will be part of the art.

I'm not sure if I could ever produce a work of art that held some political reference or meaning, although I admire my artist friends who are very capable of doing so and produce really awesome art. I'm not saying never, but I've always tried to stay real and organic in my writings and pieces. I'm emotionally driven and lately with the changes in my life, they have spurred much thought and ideas into things I want so much to do. Positively.

* I will eventually get around to changing the above pic to a better one.

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