Friday, December 16, 2011

That's that.

The t-shirts came out better than I expected. We sold quite abit that night and we have a few left, so incase you might be interested, just leave a comment or something.

I had been looking forward to the show for weeks and even more so after we had our last practice cos I nailed the song pitches after weeks of trying. It was unfortunate though that the night before the show, I had to fall sick. A friend of mine said I probably worried myself into sickness. But I think it had to do more so that I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Cos a few other friends of mine caught the flu bug at the same time. Anyway, as the night wore on, so did my health and by the time our set came; which was probably 11pm by then (and we had been there since 12:30pm), I was really tired. I tried to pull it off but by mid-set, I felt the strain and was almost breathless but I pushed on. Our set was made memorable by the fact that our old guitarist jumped on stage at our last song, and sang his parts much to the audiences delight. I was touched. Anyway, that was it for our one off show.
On another note, I got home with some goodies.

-The Marilyns tee - designed by Djohan Johari
-Plain Sunset tee - Im assuming that it was done by The Killer Gerbil.
- and a ton of cds!!

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