Sunday, February 26, 2012


Time really does fly. Especially when you're busy. My job has kept me that way and it's coming to the end of my second month. The hours are long but the people I work with keep me sane. In fact, I think we keep each other sane. It's hard to do personal work but I try to keep doodling. I try to feed my mind with new ideas, I have a bunch of links left open on Safari at work which I go to in between assignments. Just to keep the mind alive. I hardly get on the computer when I get home, cos all I would do is head straight to bed and sleep and force myself to get up the next morning. I've fallen into the routine of working my butt off from Mondays to Fridays and sleeping in just a little longer on Saturdays before heading out to see the world during the day. I try to make sure my Sundays are spent at home with my family, even if it is infront of the tv. Thank goodness for cable.

Here are a couple of shots I've posted on Instagram.

Some stuff I drew/doodled/worked on.
I finally used the calligraphy pen I bought a year ago.I started a photography series involving Max called Where the wild things at? #wherethewildthingsat
That's all for now.

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