Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sew a Song

 (image from Sew A Song)

Eversince I discovered Etsy about five years ago, I have added tons and tons of things to my favorites list in hopes of one day purchasing them. And apart from clothes, shoes and supplies, there are a ton of accessories in there. I tend to go in phases with accessories. I wear my owl ring almost all the time, and the last time before this year that I wore necklaces or bracelets religiously was way back in art school(more than 10 years ago). Considering, I've always been accustomed to wearing plain colored clothes, I figured I'd add these little details. And so, on a whim, I purchased the necklace handmade by Eva Duenas of Sew A Song on etsy. Its just so wonderful to look at. 

And it was wrapped so nicely that I now understand the feeling of not wanting to open a package cos I'm afraid to somewhat "destroy" something that someone has put such careful thought into. But of course, I did. :)

Below are some of the other necklaces she has to offer.

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