Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Panel Project

I like walking through the aisles of Art Friend. Usually, I am always there for something specific to buy, but I'd always get distracted with the endless possibilities of other things. I try to experiment with different mediums, I try to express my certain styles with different executions. I believe those two lines are pretty much the same thing. But moving on...

I have been working on my stencil project for awhile now. Using papercut stencils of texts and holding them up to immediate surroundings as a backdrop to evoke some kind of meaning into sometimes otherwise surroundings that we tend to naturally take for granted. Cut by hand, and then shot with a camera.  So anyway... it has now ventured into something else. I hadn't strayed far, but whilst stencils reveal whats behind the void, It is now the Panel Project that becomes a part of the surroundings, somewhat. Using glass paint on acrylic. I didn't use glass as I will be traveling with these and would be too fragile if it were.

These are tryouts that I posted on Instagram. Still much to prep for the Hanoi trip. Its two days away and I'm getting very excited.

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