Friday, August 15, 2014

Knuckles and notch.

I had the pleasure of meeting the people of Knuckles and Notch, a risograph printing company last week at their humble studio in Normanton Park. Risography isn't particularly a new printing process, it's been around since 1986, coming out of Japan. It has only in recent times, emerged in our little country through Knuckles and another company, Push Press which is based out of Aljunied.

For those unfamiliar with risography, here is my non-technical, layman description of it. It starts with a machine that's quite like a digital photocopier but designed for inexpensive high volume printing. The printed result is almost silkscreen print-like. With limited colors, what makes it stand out from normal xerox machines, is that it prints luminous colors like pink or bright orange, and even gold. You can see what I mean from the first image above or from my previous entry here.

I'll be working with them on some prints I want to get done, so stay tuned for updates.

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