Friday, September 18, 2015

Marni + Martin

Back in March, I travelled miles away to Stockholm to surprise my friend, Marni. We arrived early in the morning and went knocking on her door. Surprise!! Her husband, Martin, during a quiet moment told me later on that, everyone else(the other girls) had always visited Stockholm over the years but I was the one she wanted to see.

I spent 10 days in cold, cold Stockholm. My first venture into Europe, it wasn't so much a culture shock, but more a temperature shock which I got used to over time. I had my first experience with snow. I didn't shoot as much as I would have liked to, cos my hands remained in my pockets to keep warm for most of the time, but I did still shoot a lot. I will get around to uploading the shots here eventually. I had just gotten round to these shots that I almost forgot about.

I wanted to shoot the two of them as I didn't get to shoot them prior to their wedding in 2013. These were shot behind Martin parents house. There is definitely something about the light in a cold country, it is so nicely difused compared to the harsh natural light of Singapore. It was overcast for most of the trip but the sun came out briefly, and I took advantage of it. More after the break.