Saturday, June 19, 2010

Entry Numero Uno

It's a friday night. I'm in bed with tissue stuck up my nostril. Been on sick leave the past one and a half days with a fever due to an infection and my sinus has been acting up again. It's the start of the weekend. And while my girlfriends are out at Beerfest and the boyfriend along with my best friend are bringing their A-game to NBA2K10, most likely in a Lakers vs Celtics face off(the score for Game 7 earlier today was 83-79, by the way), I am pretty close to suffering an additional fever; cabin fever that is.

How's that for a first entry? Downer.

On another note, this blog will hopefully stay true to its intentions. With it being a creative outlet of sorts for me. To share the works I've done or will do or am about to do and also to share the works or random stuff that I like and that inspire me. And hopefully to keep this going and not get lazy.

The photo is of Chai from the Thai hardcore rock band, Brand New Sunset. This was probably taken in 1996 at a show held at The Arts House. They are a fantastic band to watch and I loved shooting them (about five shows I think) 'cos with that kind of energy, it made me strive to exude the same. I felt this picture appropriate for this first post not only cos it was conveniently in my hard drive, but also because last night, I dreamt I was going to Bangkok. But I wasn't really prepared, it was a last minute thing and I didn't have a hotel booked(in reality I like to plan and prepare these things) and in my dream, I was torn between living in a swank hotel or a backpackers hotel that I stayed in back in 1998(which was awesome). Anyway, I was about to board the plane and I remember texting both Chai and Toon(the vocalist), telling them I was headed to Bangkok. Unfortunately, I was woken up before my plane touched down.

I do need a getaway. Soon.

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