Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bookbinders Design

I recently acquired the remaining stock of products that I used to sell when I worked at Bookbinders Design. and am selling them all off at a much cheaper price. There are notebooks but very limited colors in very limited quantity, tons and tons, well in fact, a thousand magnetic bookmarks, rubber stamps, and tons and tons and thousand tons of envelopes in 4 different sizes and in various colors. Lyra color pencils and Pentel pens and bits of folder refills and photo papers here and there.

I've uploaded the product listings on another blog

It would be awesome to sell things off in bulk but thats not very realistic, although, a girl can dream. If you know of anyone starting up a stationery store or know of someone who owns one or know of any company that needs envelopes (maybe, say they have a specific corporate color that I do have?), then give me a buzz, if you have my number. Otherwise, you can email me at onsidewalks@yahoo.com.sg and I'll give you a quote and info.

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