Monday, July 11, 2011


Went on a short trip to Malaysia. Headed up to Kuala Lumpur to hang with my buddy, Hoimun. We drove to Malacca as I had never been before. I was hoping it would be like Penang with its old buildings and charm. I was disappointed to say the least.
Maybe because it was infested and congested with tourists.
Maybe because it was a tourist spot that the old buildings didn't look aged cos they were repainted possibly just months ago.
Or maybe, I just had high expectations.
But honestly, It just didn't have a charm. It felt like walking through Singapore's Chinatown which for some reason, now that I think of it, Singapore's Chinatown still wins 'cos it keeps its authenticity despite having shops targetted at tourists.

However, the trip was not in vain. I managed to put up some stickers, take some pictures, stumbled upon ghetto-ey streets and it was funny getting lost. More photos will be up soon.

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the top photo is nice.