Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sticker project

I've been bitten by the creative bug that lately I've had an insane urge to create. The itch had to be scratched. And I decided to do a personal sticker project. Using lines of encouragement or confessions, whichever I felt could relate to me in a way cos I take pride in being "personal". I made enough stickers to start my very own sticker party(not!), and went on to spread these words around. I am still in the process of making more. I've been thinking of a new series of posters as well and I just might have them painted on canvas as I still have plenty untouched from my last purchase from a closing down sale. I like this creative streak and I hope it lasts longer.

Til the next update...

Don't you just hate when no-show socks keep rolling down your feet when you walk.

"I think no show socks are pointless especially when they don't show up."


*Photos taken with my iphone4.

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djohan said...

i do.