Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nature walk.

Last Sunday, my friends and i ventured to Macritchie to visit the HSBC Treetop walk. I didn't realize though that we'd walk through dense vegetation and a golf course in order to reach the bridge, not that I was really complaining though. It was cloudy, it had rained half an hour prior so the forest was pleasant and there wasn't any suffocating humidity. I really am all for walking. Just despise stairs and steep slopes, which you get when you get closer to the bridge. The steep slope I mean. But it was alright though, my calf muscles paid the price only the day after(cos I haven't done slopes or stairs since I no longer work at Old School.) We completed the walk in about 2 hours or a little less(I stopped quite a few times to take pictures with my iPhone that you see here.) We're gonna try the trail that goes all the way to Bukit Timah soon though.

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