Monday, September 5, 2011

Upcoming Show : Nixon Art Mosh 2011

The Nixon Art Mosh is a one stop show featuring some of the finest underground artists operating in Singapore. This informal showcase is a global travelling art installation which features original work from Nixon artists, as well as a showcase of local artwork. The Art Mosh is also a way to give back the community and thank collaborators and supporters so far.

Works by:

Adeline Tan | Adrian Chan
| Amanda Ang | Andy Yang | Clare Marie Ryan| Colin Faulks | Dewi-Marie Vincoy | Eric Foenander | Fendy Ibrahim | Gerson Gilrandy | Izziyana Suhaimi | Jaba One| Journey | k-0.627 | Kittozutto | Kristal Melson | Mojoko | Mriz Sidah |Pamm Hong | Rail Life | Rockomp| Sharul Amir | Sheryo| Speak Cryptic | XOTL| Zahir Sanosi | zxerokool

Music by:

Kevin Lester
| DJ KoFlow | Aidan Bamrah | Pushin' On

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bobdoom said...

hi dewi, do you still have old lead ii nitrate photos with you? if you have. could i have them? thanks..