Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Walls & Wieners and hidden texts.

Last weekend, I made my first wall attempt at the Walls & Wieners event held at The Substation organised by RSCLS.

I had always wanted to try my hand at bigger scale versions of my typo ever since I bought my very first cans (x2) of Montana paint on a whim on my last KL trip. I, however, didn't use them on Sunday cos I thought I'd probably waste it. Then I thought I'd use wall paint and do hidden text, but I woke up on Sunday and it was raining dinosaurs, so I got myself some jumbo markers instead and thought I'd just wing it.


hidden text (elitist)
The back wall.

I was too shy for the back wall, so I took a wee space in the alley. Did a hidden text piece. Limpeh (meaning "your father"), cos SKL0 had stuck her sticker on the pipe, and like I said, I was winging it and it was the first word to pop in my head. Oh, yeah and I had pink and purple markers with me too so  I drew a little on the door but I, later thrashed it cos I didn't like it too much. So, well, I hope to upgrade myself to aerosols and wall paint soon if another opportunity comes up.

Can you believe it's already mid October??

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