Thursday, February 7, 2013


I used to make a ton of friendship bracelets when i was in school. I vaguely remember but I think it was my mom who taught me the knots cos they had some tutorial in a magazine. My mom once made me a wax bracelet, it was really cool. She would light a candle and let the melted wax drop into a bowl of water, they'd mostly be the same size dots and then she'd sew them together to form a bracelet. I'm pretty sure I still have it considering we don't really throw things away, once I find it, I would post a picture up.

Anyway, back in school, I also used to make cards for my friends on Valentines day. I don't think I've ever given any to someone I admired, but I'd always given them to my close friends and classmates. I'm now 33 years old and I have a ton of art supplies at home and so upon seeing this DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet on HonestlyWTF, I knew I had to make them for my friends. Valentine's Day is a week away still though.

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