Thursday, January 24, 2013


So, I went on this journey. If you remember some posts ago, I quit my agency job and went into the whole work from home and dedicate my time to my craft bit. And the craft bit was more so cos of the first indie craft fair organised by Handmade Movement Singapore. Well, I did it. Was a little off on the planning because I got work busy by November/December last year and only started my rush crafting the minute(or two days) after I got back form my Hongkong trip, so technically, I had only about 5 days to get everything ready before January 19th and I skipped alot of sleep but somehow managed to make a bunch of arrows, stencil paint new tote bags, print postcards and new namecards and make the background fabric skirting and shop name bunting. Phew...

Craft fair day. It was pouring. It had been raining since the day before and never stopped. I had to shift my table a couple of times cos the tarp above was leaking and I was glad I had all my drawings in plastic sleeves (thank you, universe!). I had my friends, Marni and Sam help me. I borrowed light stands from my brother, which gave me some height advantage. My namecards ran out pretty quick. My calendars are now completely sold out. I made quite a bit of money. I got to see some friends and meet new people. And I spent some of the money I made on the booth next to mine, Mossie and Bee. I didn't get to enjoy the fair itself though and visit the other booths, cos when I took a look around, I think it was in haste and it was to go to the loo. Anyhoo, this experience has just given me the confidence to sell my works outdoors and I probably will in March. So til then, craft on!

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