Monday, September 9, 2013

Bali high.

My time in Bali was amazing. It was only for a weekend and it was with my girlfriends. It was a long awaited trip for us girls, it was our first trip together as a group in almost ten years. We were there specifically for our friend's wedding. It was such a bonding experience and we had such a great time. It was my second time in Bali and not much sightseeing was done cos there was so much going on and its hard to not get distracted by the sometimes funny, running commentary from each girl. We went home feeling sad  that it was over too soon and even almost a week on, we are reeling from bali withdrawals. So much so that we are hell bent on going back before the year is through.

The wedding was held on the beach in Jimbaran which was a 30 minute drive from our villa.  It was such a wonderful location to have the sun set right smack in the middle.

The bride and groom.

 The girls and I. 

Before the night ended, we set off sky lanterns which was a symbol of hope and well wishes for the couple and for everyone there that night. I was far away from the girls, too busy trying to take pictures(as usual) and missed that one special moment with them cos I didn't really hear them screaming out my name amidst everyones excitement.
We stayed in Bli Bli Villas in the seminyak area. We were always in the pool right after we woke up and right before we headed to bed at night or before dawn. The service was great, and the food especially. We ordered in quite a bit, they have two menus, one from the villas restaurant, Scratch which was mostly western food and from Cafe Betawi which had fantastic local food, which we unfortunately only had on our last night. Not to be missed!

The weather was so awesome the whole time we were there. Clear blue sunny skies and the humidity levels were low(compared to Singapore) and the nights were cool. I just can't wait to go back. 

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