Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sunday preview.

Last Sunday, my girlfriends and I had a photoshoot. While couples have their pre-wedding shots taken, we do it sans the groom. It has been a long standing tradition in our almost ten years together to do themed photoshoots. This, however, was our second "serious" session. By "serious", I mean where a lot of planning, preparation, logistics and some art direction take place. Our other sessions were mostly impromptu during our themed get togethers or other celebrations (we've dressed up like boys, had a nautical theme and I remember a Gossip Girls theme some years ago...). 

Marni picked a bohemian/hippie theme and I sourced the location. We picked out our outfits, prepared some props, rented a second vehicle and got my photographer brother to shoot us.

These images here aren't really the "shots". The image above was shot on Marni's polaroid camera, meant to be a behind the scenes look, but it turned out great anyway. The weather was perfect, the wind blew and the place was ours. 

Marni is on her way to the next chapter in life and with what little time we have left before she moves abroad, we try make the best of it, and I try my best to document everything. I always have, always will...

I shot this on my iPhone while we were walking and I told her to freeze.
I shot this on my iphone as well and I'd like to think this was in Africa and that was a deer. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the ones my brother shot. I know you (whoever is reading this) think I should have seen them by now considering we live under the same roof, but... oh well.

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