Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A not so well documented trip of Penang.

Our first meal was at the Jawi House. We wouldn't have happened upon this place had all the other places been closed, but it was a nice find. I ordered the Herbal Lemuni rice which was technically Nasi Lemak but healthier and the rice was blue!! I loved it! Usually, when I think "herbal", it's just gonna leave a weird bitter taste in your mouth, but nah uh, not this one. The rice still had that coconut milk flavour but without the heaviness. This place is 100% Halal according to the owner and the only one in the area.(Armenian street and its surroundings)
We popped by the much talked about China House. it takes up a freakishly long stretch of shop house that starts at one street and all the way to the front. They have about 30 different cakes on the menu, I was a little hesistant at first, thinking the cakes must all be rich and would leave me feeling sick but I went with a safe bet and got the Lemon Poppy seed slice and i loved how the lemon flavour wasnt overpowering like other cakes I've tried. We later tried the Tiramisu, which is apparently the best in all of Georgetown and you have their word for it. I'm not such a big fan of tiramisu, but I loved this. TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!!! We came back here two other times over the next few days just for the tiramisu.

Yeah, so Georgetown is famed for its commissioned street art and you have the ones by Ernest Zacharevic which Penang is famed for and I don't need to post them but above are the cats of Penang by other artists.

We walked around and found ourselves on Carnarvon Street which had many its book and art supplies store and Sam and I love stacking up on supplies and so we did. Got the old rubber stamp alphabet stamps for cheap!

 On day two, we went to visit Sam's granny for abit.

At night, we hung out with Sam's friends who introduced us to new friends and hung out at a friend's house and they were artists and the image below is of a guy who's name I dont remember.
 Day 3. We headed back to Armenian and had lunch at Cozy in the Rocket. Try their home made linguine pastas.
And it rained, and so we (thankfully) took cover back at China House.

 Chew Jetty.

 Day 4.
 The tiramisu. and the only photo I have with Sam from our trip.

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