Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Farewell to Marns

"The hardest part about growing up, is letting go of what you're used to;and moving on with something you're not."

So Marni left and then there were five. While I know how I feel about it, I can't imagine what it must feel to be the one leaving everything and everyone behind to live a new life. It's like those movies where a person goes through protective custody and they have to fake their death and change their identity and leave everything… wait it's not like that. She did have time to spend with us and now she's a thousand miles away. Everyone was crying and like always, I wasn't. I figured I wasn't as hormonal as I had been the week before, as I mulled over her impending absence. It wasn't until a little while later while I was alone on the way home that I was in little drippy drops of tears and trying to fake sinus-caused-sniffles to the stranger next to me wouldn't notice.

There's a part of me thats secretly hoping she'll be back a month later like what happened a few years back when she initially attempted to move to Sweden to live with Martin. But, the other part of me knows that the deal has been sealed and she's married and that she'll be in safe arms for…ever. And that's fine with me.

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