Sunday, February 16, 2014

Plain Sunset - The Gift 10 year anniversary show.

Plain Sunset are one of those bands that outlive everyone, and I'm only referring to the local indie scene. Having been around since 1996, it is no wonder to how large a following they have. Having known them since 1999 or so and been their "official" photographer at one point, needless to say, my archive of them over the years is aplenty. I was there when they first released The Gift album and some of the photos I took then were flashed on the screen during their 10 years anniversary show last weekend. They may all be older and married now, but you can always still count on jumping shots during Find A Way. That song still gets me all choked up and even more so cos Ronny(their old drummer and also former M12 drummer *ahem*) came up on stage to play a few old ones with them. 

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