Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Everybody Street

A few months back, I found myself in an artistic quandary. I felt the subjects of which my photos were mostly based on; of walls, of doors and empty streets, lacked life. No pun intended. I was beginning to think that they were lacklustre. And I knew there had to be more that I could do because it's not like I could keep shooting the people I knew everyday…

And then came this image on my instagram feed; someone I was following was saying that everyone should watch the documentary, Everybody Street. The image seemed interesting enough and I was compelled to click the link on profile. And I came to a trailer on Vimeo.

I was intrigued and liked it so much, I immediately paid for the video download. It was done so awesomely well and I realized it was done by the same lady who did Beautiful Losers which I had watched a few years back featuring some of my favorite artists.

The documentary was inspiring, to say the least. Street photography was something that I had always thought about doing but didn't have the balls to, let alone the mindset and had been procrastinating. But in comes the iPhone, and with how (glorious) I am at stealthy shots, I was reborn. Haha. My phone battery drains pretty quickly this way, but I carry two power banks with me for that reason.

I've restarted my flickr account and have been uploading my shots there.

It's not all street cred worthy(yet), but I hope to get there.

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