Monday, September 22, 2014

Steel wool -ing you.

There's always something new you see on instagram that makes you feel inspired to try out. I came across Norrisam's feed and showed it to a friend and we did some research on it. Steel wool photography. Who'd have thought that that scrubby thing you use to clean your frying pans would be used for anything else other than cleaning? I had a chance meeting with two other guys I saw attempting the very same thing at a rooftop a few weeks ago and they told me what I needed to get…and so we did.

Last weekend. it poured and it really did dampen our spirits. We occupied ourselves with led lights but we really wanted to play with fire…and few hours later, we just went ahead with it. Not really a cool idea to be wearing shorts and your favorite trainers…

It was pretty scary at first…but I got the hang of it. We only did four runs before we heard an old drunken man moaning. We're gonna try again in two weeks.

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