Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Make Yourself Happy / Blow out the candle, I will burn again tomorrow / Let's Go Explore

I was on a roll. I did three drawings on the couch with HBO on. Caught a new series or two on On Demand. Girls, which I thought was the most, for lack of a better word; "real" show I've seen about girls making a living in NewYork. No glamour, no rich bitches. Just plain old...well, realistic girls. Although, I do think it involves the appearance of hipsters though and I'm thinking emo kids of the late 90s to 2003/2004 have evolved into being called hipsters. I'm pretty sure they have grown up by now, but I'm just saying that I think hipsters are the new emo kids, except that they're not emo. Oh wait, anyway, when I say "Emo", I'm refering to the genre of music and the kids(including me) that listened to that back then. Post hardcore, post punk stuff and not any of that eyeliner wielding stuff. 

Anyhoo, these drawings are on sale in my etsy store. The second drawing in orange is actually a line from Feist's Inside and Out song and it is also in A3. The other two are A4.

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