Friday, August 10, 2012

Try Hard Everyday & Majulah Yourself

It's the nation's birthday. I watched the parade on tv and cringed when the commentator said his congratulatories to the olympic medal winners of Singapore. Firstly, I don't pay much attention to the Olympics. Secondly, the players were China born. I have nothing against the Chinese really, but when you regard a win like this; a nation's pride, it's just sad. Regardless, whether or not, he or she is a citizen. Cos in my opinion, whether whoever reading this, likes it or not, you ought to be a pure born and bred singaporean. But oh well...

We just have to keep trying hard everyday to prove not to everyone but to ourselves that we are as great and worthy to be on this earth and to be in this fast paced country. 

We are great, because we try. Hard every single day. 

I'll be putting this up for sale on my Etsy really soon. It's in A3 size.

Another drawing I did today. Majulah means onward and I took it from the national anthem Majulah Singapura(Onward Singapore). But really, onward yourself. 

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