Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Artmire - Christophe Jacrot

Never have I been so excited or anxious as I have been the past few days, in a long while. The flight and accommodation have been booked and I'm heading to Hong Kong in 15 days. I have been doing research on places to go and eat and see and have been looking at photographs that other people have taken of Hong Kong. I'm most excited about shooting the streets of HK, I think that was the whole plan all along. I've always liked old towns, derelict old buildings and though I love shooting modern skyscrapers and city life, it's overwhelming knowing that I will be out of Singapore to do that. They(I've read in articles) have said that Hong Kong is the New York of Asia, and whilst I am still planning and hoping to go to New york soon, Hong Kong will have to do for now.

If there was ever a possibility to fall in love with a place you've never been, Hong Kong is my number 2. Nyc will always be #1.

I'll be spending 7 days in HK, fitting Disneyland and OceanPark in the itinery. I am prepared for alot of walking and stopping to shoot and hopefully, meeting up with old friends. I just hope the weather holds up. They say it'll be cold in January, that which I am prepared for and while we could expect rain, I really hope not. That just puts a damper on plans, but ... there is hope for rainy pictures after I found Christophe Jacrot's photo series Hong Kong in the rain. (His New york and paris photos are wonderful too!!) Photos of Hong Kong below.

Of course, it is ever so possible that I would need to balance holding an umbrella whilst trying to take a shot and I have tried before and failed. Maybe I could get one of those umbrella hats, but those extra large ones which would have to be suspended over my head via some wire work type of hat. These don't exist and I would probably look very silly but one can only hope that maybe I would get some help in the umbrella holding area.

So to Hong Kong it is. 15 days to be kept under control for fear I might just be bursting with too much excitement that I would be deflated by flight day.

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