Saturday, December 1, 2012

Turning 33.

You can see below that I did some updates. I haven't been totally stagnant on the creative front. Two days ago, I turned 33. It doesn't feel any different from 32. Like it's been said, age ain't nothing but a number. There's no big revelation when you get older, you just keep going. However, I did upgrade to an iPhone 5, and I love it even more cos the camera works quicker than the iphone 4. I believe the sensor has changed too, cos it seems to work well in low light. I use my phone for 2 main reasons; communication and photography. So, I really just can't wait to shoot more. 

Off to bed now. My boyfriend, Djohan is taking me to Universal Studios tomorrow. It'll be my first theme park visit ever. I'm excited. Like it's prepping me for bigger things! Like Disneyland in January. Yes!!! I'm planning to go to Hong Kong next month. I may be older, but my heart is forever young(hypothetically speaking). Okay, toddle-loooooo!! 

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