Saturday, December 1, 2012

Commissioned : wedding invitation.

I'd always wanted to do the whole wedding thing. The invites, decorations, planning. Maybe not so much the planning, but rather being involved in the creative part of it. But I do know it isn't easy. Cos you're responsible for making a girl's lifelong dream come true. You have to make her dream wedding a reality. You're basically her fairy godmother. And whilst I'm not one of those girls who've been dreaming about the details of her dream wedding down to a T. I know I'd definitely want my wedding to be DIY. and colorful. and in a garden. with fairy lights streaming from tree to tree. And since Singapore's weather is erratic, maybe I'd take my Indonesian friend's advice and hire a rain bomoh (a shaman), so he can dance the rain away. 

Anyway, in pursuit of being involved in weddings somehow. (side note: I used to shoot weddings for work. but there was the occassional friend who needed my services). I was commissioned to design a wedding invitation earlier this year. The bride wanted a Victorian theme. I used gold and a very faint tiffany blue for the color scheme, and had a lace damask pattern to match closely to the bride's dress. 

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