Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bead it.

Ever felt like you just couldn't find any accessories that you liked, or were close to what you wanted but not quite the right color or design? I had been keeping an eye on some faceted bead necklaces on etsy, but the colors were always not to my liking. So I made my own necklaces with beads I had laying around. I'm so happy with my pigeon necklace. :)

I can never go to an art or craft store and NOT buy anything. It could be something small and to just have that power to purchase something, will always feel good. I also have a tendency to hoard supplies and materials but then, what's new, right? I have an old biscuit tin filled with beads that I've purchased when I was 15. At that age, I spent my allowance in bead bars and went through a hippie phase wearing those long hippie multi-colored beads which I guess I should revive and wear out again. 

Necklaces are still being made and  should be available in my Etsy store by end of July. :)

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