Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Panel from Long Bien.

It seems I forgot to upload this previously. Shot this panel from Long Bien Bridge, Hanoi. I have to say I was very uneasy walking the bridge. Thousands of motorcycles cross this bridge everyday, and it wasn't the rumble beneath my feet that terrified me. It was more so the concrete slabs on which we walked on that had gaps between each slab, gaps that allowed you to see what was beneath the bridge, which was basically a far drop below. It's possible I have issues with heights but more so when the fear is of the ground giving way. So anyway, I was anxious and nervous and at first didn't want to walk far into the middle of the bridge which would be over the river. But inner arguments had me debating that I would never come back here again and so I should bloody do it and shoot a panel or two. 

The panel above was shot with the iphone. 

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