Friday, January 3, 2014

Artmire - Mrydette

I met Mary Bernadette in 2013 through instagram, we had mutual friends and I started following her for her illustrations. We became friends in real life and really hit it off because of our love for urban explorations amongst other things. She's a talented illustrator and I really love her line work; working mostly with ink and watercolor, and as a joke but with the utmost respect, I would leave "#myidol" comments on her instagram images of her work. Last week, on a whim I asked her to draw portrait of me, to which she asked me questions about my hopes and dreams and then took some time to do it up.
She first showed me the digital image of it but I was blown away when I had it in my hands, because it was not only drawn and painted but was cut and paste in a form of a collage as well.
On the reverse side, she left a note. A quote by Patti Smith.

An excerpt from her fb page.
"Dewi dreams of traveling to the States particularly NYC, San Fran, California (to see the Sequioa Trees) and Chicago. As you all already know by now (shame on you if you don't), she's a photography-typography maestro and enthusiast. She hopes to marry art, photog and type with travel. I really hope she gets to do this in the near future. Here's to you and fulfilling that crazy dream of yours, Dewi! ❤❤"

Needless to say, I love it. Thank you, Mary.

You can check out her works here and here(this one seems regularly updated)

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