Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY - Silkscreening on a budget.

I decided to stay in on Saturday. I was out the whole of yesterday and my flu had developed into a cough and I was itching to craft and so I did. So, last night, I started drawing out a stencil on freezer paper. Going with my usual triangle patterns and then cutting it out. It's not as easy cutting  freezer paper as compared to thicker paper cos it was more delicate and had to be extra careful. And plus, I was watching Crazy, Sexy, Love and was very distracted by Ryan Gosling. DID YOU SEE THAT PIZZA SCENE?!!!! How can anyone make eating pizza so sexy?! He's just standing there waiting, and eating a pizza. IN FUCKEN SLO-MO!!! Okay, let me just get this out of the way. I know Ryan Gosling is hott(yes, double T)!! But this movie, seriously, when he first appeared on the screen, in his nicely fitted suit, charming grin, a few short seconds before he says, "Hi, who looks like a carrot?". I was like, "Oh, hellooooo...."

*and we now bring you back to the program*

I had the stencil cut out and continued the next day, which was earlier today. Now, this whole experiment was a combination of what I read in Avie Wampler's blog and Momstastic. I used an embroidery hoop, silk screen which I bought from Art Friend (I know you can buy ready made silk screen frames, but the smallest costing 8 bucks compared to 6.50 for a couple of yards of it is way cheaper.Well, and apprently, you can use pantyhose as well), a mini plastic squeegee (it's been said that you can even use a credit card), textile inks and the almighty freezer paper.

The stencil was ironed on.
Random placements of blobs of ink.
I thought I'd go all out and use many colors, including a metallic silver which adds shimmer! I tore out the stencil. Yes, tore. So this makes it a one of a kind. :D
The stencil shifted abit but I still like how it turned out. See the shimmer?
(click on image for larger)

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