Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Reveal

With bad sleeping habits, comes deep negativity. It has however sometimes, given birth to ideas. Turning negative energy and thoughts into something that's somewhat a positive outlet. The Reveal is one of those "somewhat positive" projects. Sometimes, just like songs that play in your head over and over again(the past few days, it had been Whitney Houston's So Emotional), I have words or sentences/phrases lingering in my mind. Art helps me in getting these things out of my system. Allowing me to put my focus and energies into creating something. 

The Reveal is a series of phrases that are at first invisible when applied onto the surface until the medium of watercolor paint when brushed over, exposes these hidden truths.

As this project is fairly new, it's a work in progress leaving room for exploration and experimentation and to hopefully also document a progression in typographical styles and possible medium changes on this journey of self-discovery.

"There's an emptiness I can't quite put my finger on."
(#1. 190912)

"The ghosts are following me."
(#2. 190912)

"The hardest part is detailing these emotions."
(#3. 200912)

*This entry brought to you with Deadhorse playing in the background.

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