Monday, September 10, 2012

Singapore's Indie Craft Fair

One of the few reason I resigned from my advertising job was so I could dedicate more time to my ideas. And ideas, many I have. It was further triggered when I found out about the Handmade Movement Singapore, through one of my followers on instagram, which also stated that it was going to hold its first indie craft fair in January 2013. I got super excited cos for years I had hoped for something like this. I know MAAD at Red dot has one every first Friday of each month, but this looked to be epic (for our little country) and I signed up. Though, I will still have to go through the selection stages by the   organisers, I sincerely hope I get approved. Cos I have so many plans for products in store, involving textile and glass and more sewing!!! Find out more about the indie craft fair here. 

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Agy said...

Taking the plunge and doing something you enjoy - that's what I did too. I make crafts from recycleable materials :-)