Monday, September 10, 2012

Don't be uptote!

Did a tote in fluro pink. I really like the color on this one. Its uploaded amongst all the other totes in my etsy store.

In other updates, am currently working on my new 21.5" imac. Good to be back a desktop although for a little while I felt so out of touch with Adobe CS, and it's typically abit of a distraction cos I havent been drawing as much cos I've been researching on more projects. I guess it still is productive. I also updated my logo and the site banner above. Well, I changed the colorway to colors I think would best represent me. They're colors I would wear or be drawn to. 

So buy a tote/


Nati said...

I love all your drawings! The tote bags are great and it's inspiring to see you post something new so often! I'll have to get back into it myself :)

Hello Embrace said...

Thanks Nati for your kind words. :D You should get back into it.