Saturday, July 20, 2013

Birds and the beads.

A month later, and I stuck to my word to have some bird necklaces made. It all started with my first pigeon necklace (from this entry) and now I've grown to have parrots, doves and herons. These are available for sale in my etsy store for USD$20-25 each. If those goes well, then I would definitely make more and see if I can work with other animal versions as well. But I really like birds. Just sayin'.

I kept the 3 beaded necklace on the right for myself cos I loved it too much. 
And I was a little hesitant to make another pigeon necklace cos being me, I always want to be the ONLY ONE who has one, but I'm pretty sure or hoping there are other pigeon lovers out there who would want to wear this necklace around their neck.

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