Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sunday is the new Saturday.

I am always about shooting photographs of my girlfriends as to document all our fun times and I've done so for the past ten years. Last Sunday, we went to scout for a location to do a group photography session for our friend, Marni who's getting married later this year. We got lost and we chased the sun and it was for me a very special moment. We were going one direction but caught a glimpse of the vermillion sky between buildings and then made a turn, stopped the car and I shouted at everyone to get out of the car and stand in place. We did not plan our poses tho, which made for a very messy silhoutte pose below. Alot of girlie screaming and laughter ensued. Fun times.

The above picture, I got my friend Hazmee, who lived nearby to help shoot us. And the below pic, the help of a mini tripod and timer.

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