Thursday, July 11, 2013


If you're a frequent visitor of my site, you'd know how much I am into iphone photography and how it has revived my love for photography. I am a frequent user (or more like an addict) of instagram and even do editing with apps like Snapseed. I use Squaready to frame my images, and PicFrame or Fuzel for collages when need be. Slowshutter for long exposure shots, however, this works better with a tripod.

I have a habit of downloading apps and leaving them in there til I remember its existence before testing them out. One of them was the VSCO cam. I find VSCO revolutionary, but I might possibly be dramatic about this, but it is AMAZING! The preset filters are amazing (or you could edit them your own way like I do but am still getting the hang of it). The soft tones and subtle saturations that I've usually seen in images in Frankie or Monster Children magazine or in other japanese lifestyle shots. 

They even have preset filters to work with Adobe Lightroom. (Sad to say, I've still up til now not worked with RAW files.) I've seen many photos taken/edited with the app and always thought them to look amazing. But still in most cases, the photographers deserve the credit for having taken such great care in their compositions and then allowing VSCO presets to enhance them, that they do in fact turn out even more amazing. That's three amazings. 

But anyway, you have to see it for yourself by checking out the VSCO Grid. And that's where I have my own grid too.(Just sayin')

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