Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eye scream.

Been plagued with terrible headaches the past week and I figured it might have been the late nights I've been pulling the past few months that were causing it. And then came the blurry visions when I went out during the day once this week even with my contacts on. My computer and iphone screen have been at its dimmest but my eyes would still feel a strain and I went out earlier today thinking maybe I've been indoors too long and my eyes were just tryin to adjust to natural light. It started to make sense to me that probably my prescription needed to be changed and I finally went to get my eyes checked before I'd panic more about the possibilities of going blind (I watched the Ray Charles movie two weeks ago).

So it turns out I have astigmatism and need to get new contacts. I kinda knew I had astigmatism the last time I got my eyes checked but thought I was already wearing contacts MEANT for astigmatism. I'm left wondering why the optometrist didn't prescribe them to me back then, which would've helped long before this.

Toric lenses now cost $95 a box compared to the $35 I've been paying for normal lenses. I'm just hoping it will still feel the same as I've read that toric lenses have a different shape as opposed to the standard spherical shape of normal lenses. But you know what, fuck it. As long as the headaches go away and I no longer have to squint in the day or night, I'll do whatever it takes. All I have to do is wait for them to be ready in a few days.

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